handle printing

Handle Printing

Handle printing allows your company name, logo, or website to be reinforced on the mug. The handle print can allow for extra information to be included if the print area is insufficient, or to gain a more 'finished' look. Few promotional mugs incorporate handle printing, so it would easily separate the mug from the masses.

handle flash

Handle Flashes

Handle flashes add a touch of elegance to a promotional mug, creating a more exquisite brand and gift. Incorporated with the theme of a company's logo or mug design, a handle flash can help with brand identification. A handle flash is created by a single brush stroke along the width of a handle, using precious metals or colour.

Coloured Banding

Available on both ceramics and glassware, coloured banding can assist in tying a promotional product to a brand's identity. A coloured band adds style to a mug or glass, as well as differentiating it from other promotional products of their type. The band can also be applied to the edge of plates and bowls to make an even bigger impression.


Gilding adds a touch of class to a promotional product. The gold band can transform any mug, plate, bowl or other promotional product into a exquisite gift that leaves a lasting impression. From a whisper-thin halo through to broad bands, giving options to suit all tastes and designs. Applied to a dinner plate, it can help frame images and designs. The effect is to gain a touch of brilliance.

Inside Base Print

An inside base print can reinforce a brand, as the design will not be seen at all times. This will reintroduce the brand after a drink is consumed, and will be easily visible to the owner of the promotional product. Not only is the design visible when the mug is empty, but when a drink is placed within and consumed, it will gradually appear at eye level.

Inside Rim Print

An inside rim print would be visible at most times, and provides extra space outside the print area to add more information or reinforce branding. When the mug is being used, the rim print would be at eye level, meaning the design would be hard to miss. Applied by adding a transfer, the rim print can be placed in any location inside the mug.


A mug with a backstamp has the capability to advertise to the entire room. As the mug is being used, the raising of the mug would proudly display any promotional message to surrounding people. The backstamp can also be used to number limited edition items, or reinforce the value of the product by adding 'bone china' to suitable products.

Gold or Silver Print

Available as glossy or matt, gold or silver print adds a touch of class to a standard mug. With no compromise on print area, the gold or silver print can be used for any design, creating an exquisite look of value and leaving a lasting impression. This type of print will set any promotional mug apart from the rest, creating a beautiful, distinctive design.

Government Stamping

If glassware is to be used in licensed premises, and metered measures are not used, every glass must be stamped with the CE mark and number to verify the measure given, this is called government stamping. This is done as a special order on glassware, and minimum quantities may apply. This stamp is usually added at the top of the glass, and can be positioned relative to the design.